North American Service Company

Back Office

Once a sale is made, our job has just begun. Our remarkable back office staff must ensure that our new customers become satisfied loyal customers for years to come. We support customer loyalty by continuously creating and integrating tools to streamline client operations. We generate unparallel results for our customers and our clients. Here is what we offer:
  • CFO Services
  • Accounting
  • Administrative Services
  • Reporting/Record Keeping
  • Collections
  • Fulfillment
  • Production Planning
  • Efficiency by reducing Manual Operations
Our back office work is hardly ever seen but delivers superior results. Our automated systems are able to track every sale and fulfill all our customers' orders. Our advanced programmings allow us to ingrate front office and back office systems and create data entry system for all our clients. Our knowledgeable representatives create tools to streamline ours and our client's operations. This reduces manual operations. Our back office also offers administrative services, human resources, accounting, and production planning, reporting record keeping, invoicing and customer support. With our efficient and organized systems we have mastered ours and clients back office needs.